12 Designer-Approved Bedroom Layout Ideas That Never Fail

We all love rearranging our homes until we get just the right feel for the space, and as a kid, most of us loved rearranging our bedrooms obsessively to make it feel like we had a bedroom makeover.

As we got older, our bedrooms got a bit more boring, with a bed in the middle of the room, the wardrobe up against the side of the room, a side table on either side of the bed, and maybe a lamp standing in a corner.

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But did you know bedroom layouts do not have to be boring, and you also do not have to be an interior designer to create a fun layout on the precious floor space in your bedroom?

Rearranging your (or your child’s) bedroom has been proven to result in better sleep, and it is also a fun activity to give a tired room a facelift.

To that end, we have collected 12 of the best bedroom layout ideas and bedroom decorating ideas to get your creative juices flowing, whether you are moving home or simply want a change.

Bedroom Layout Ideas to Inspire You

1) Combined bedroom and home office

Certain bedrooms or homes will require the inclusion of a workstation or small office space within the bedroom, especially because remote working is becoming increasingly popular.

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Even in a small bedroom, you can make a home office work. Placing a desk with a table lamp next to the bed means it can double as a workspace and a side table. If you have more space, you can create a tidy work area close to the window so that the office area gets plenty of light.

2) Bedroom with seating area

A master bedroom will often have excess space available to create a relaxing seating area in the room. A large room with high ceilings can incorporate a large bed with an upholstered headboard that matches the upholstery of the couches in the seating area.

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There are many different layout ideas for a large bedroom, and having a couch or two with a coffee table and rug can create a comfortable designated sitting area without cluttering the vertical space, giving your room an uncluttered feeling.

3) Bedroom with a reading nook

Introverts and bookworms enjoy retreating to their bedrooms for an escape, and creating a relaxing area for reading is key for those with a passion for books.

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Even in a tiny bedroom, a bookshelf with a snuggly chair can be a focal point and create a welcoming area for reading. Make sure there is natural light and artificial lighting available in the reading nook so as not to strain your eyes.

4) Bedroom with a dressing area

Plenty of bedrooms, especially master bedrooms, have vanities with a mirror and some drawers to make it easy to get ready in the mornings. If you have space available, you can also include a dressing table with a large mirror so you do not have to walk back and forth to the wardrobe or the bathroom to get dressed.

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If you are saving space, you can use a nightstand or a writing desk that doubles as a dressing area or make-up station.

5) Bedroom with plenty of storage

Some bedrooms will have built-in closets, but often these do not have enough space to store all your clothes and bedding. To increase the storage in a small space, you can add an armoire or other bedroom furniture with shelves and drawers. To make a room feel larger, you should move the armoire, chest, or drawers off to the side of the bed, not in front of it.

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In a small bedroom, you should opt for a bed with storage under the bed, or bunk beds in a kid’s room so that there is more floor space for dressers or free-standing wardrobes.

6) Bedroom with a fireplace

Bedrooms with a fireplace or mantel will look best if you position the bed across from this wall feature. The mantel over the fireplace is great for mounting a television, art or a mirror.

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Large rooms with a fireplace, stone walls and intricate architectural features call out for a comfortable chair next to the fireplace with a large rug to designate the area as a separate zone in the bedroom.

7) Bedroom with two beds

Sometimes a guest bedroom or child’s room will have more than one bed in it. In smaller rooms, you can place a single bedstand between the two beds, whereas a larger room with two beds can incorporate side tables on either side of both beds.

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You can use the space in between the two beds for additional storage, a large lamp, or a decorative feature like an indoor plant. A long rug between the two beds will give the room a cohesive look.

8) Bedroom in a studio apartment

Space is very limited in a studio apartment, as the entire room is open floor plan. This calls for some creative thinking to designate the sleeping area. You can use a room divider next to the bed to form a separate sleeping nook and keep nosy guests from wandering into your bedroom area.

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You can place a single nightstand next to the bed, and a rug beneath the bed will make it feel like a separate zone in the studio apartment.

9) Small guest bedroom layout

If your guest bedroom is small, it will benefit from crisp white walls that will give the room a larger feel. You may be tempted to push the bed into a corner so there is more space, but rather keep the bed in the centre of the wall so that there is space to move on either side of the bed. This will also allow space for a side table on both sides of the bed.

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With limited space, include a small chest of drawers for optional storage and a mirror to make the room feel larger.

10) Multifunctional bedroom

Modern houses have multipurpose rooms, and this extends to bedrooms as well. If your bedroom has more than one function, like doubling as a seating space or home office, you may want to consider pushing the bed against the wall or corner to create more space.

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A sunny sitting area with a hanging chair that takes up less space is great for enjoying coffee in the morning, while a vanity pushed against another wall can free up storage space in the bathroom cabinets.

You must be willing to be versatile in your design scheme when it comes to creating a bedroom layout that will include more than just a bed for sleeping.

11) Large bedroom layout ideas

The sky is the limit when it comes to the layout of a large main bedroom. Decorating these rooms can be slightly intimidating, especially if you feel like you do not have enough furniture to fill the whole space. But this is where you can get very creative and have fun with the bedroom layout.

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Should your bedroom come with large built-in closets, you can use the available storage space to clear out and declutter your bedroom and use the available space for relaxing. You won’t regret including a large, king-sized bed – if you have enough room, you can even opt for a four-poster bed made of dark wood. The bed can be placed in the centre of the room, with bedside tables on either side.

With large closets, you probably will not require additional dressers or wardrobes. This means you have plenty of additional space to play with. You can include a reading nook, yoga and meditation area, TV viewing area, area to practice your hobbies, or a home office in your bedroom design.

12) Small bedroom layout ideas

With limited square footage, you often have to get creative with bedroom layout ideas. By incorporating a functional layout concept, you will have people believing you had your room designed by an expert.

You may want to get a king-sized bed, but this will take up way too much space in a tiny room. The bed size should make sense for the space you have available. You also do not want your small room to feel cluttered, so make sure there is enough storage space and that everything has its place in the room.

Floating shelves or built-in shelves, drawers under your bed, wall sconces or a large ceiling light – these are all space-saving ideas that will free up floor space in a small bedroom. Small artworks or some indoor plants will give the room a warm, welcoming feel.

Final Thoughts

These twelve bedroom ideas will help you feel like an interior design expert when you start designing your bedroom layout.

There is no right or wrong way to design your bedroom, but you should consider your furniture choices, colour scheme, and whether you need extra storage or a multifunctional space.

By taking a moment to consider the space available to you in your bedroom, and whether you will use it only for sleeping or for additional purposes as well, you can create the perfect bedroom layout that will help you have sweet dreams every night.

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