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    Over 10 years ago, I started helping interior designers find new clients using online marketing. I’d been working for homeware brand Amara for a few years and wanted to dive headfirst into the industry.

    I started with local business around my county of Essex, and we tested out a lot of different tactics, some worked, many didn’t.

    We spent months experimenting with different marketing channels such as social media, SEO, paid advertising, email marketing and many more.

    We then moved on to testing out different website designs and different pages that worked best at turning visitors into paying clients.

    After a couple of years with increasingly positive results, I launched Decor Blueprint. A resource created exclusively for interior designers to learn how to effectively promote their business online.

    And here we are now, a community of thousands of interior designers getting more and more clients.

    What people say

    From the moment we were in contact with Freddie from Decor Blueprint, we were impressed by the quality of work & enthusiasm. His wealth of knowledge surrounding topics such as interior design, SEO and blogging make his content ideal for any interior designer.
    Athina Bluff
    Freddie has been so helpful for my interior design business since it launched in 2021. I now get a solid stream of new clients through my online marketing efforts. I'm grateful Decor Blueprint exists.
    Photo of a cheerful African interior designer in her 30s with curly hair, wearing a vibrant scarf and holding a sketchbook, smiling brightly at the ca
    Jem Adeoye
    Jem Interior Design
    Loving Decor Blueprint and can’t wait to be fully active within the site community. As a designer, we always run into new situations where it would be great to pick the mind of other designers who might have tackled the issue before. Very promising platform!
    Jenna + Mariana
    Interior Fox

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