Planner 5D Review: A User-Friendly and Versatile Design Tool

Living in a digitised world, I am continually on the hunt for tools that can facilitate my daily tasks.

When it comes to digital home design, one tool I came across that particularly intrigued me was Planner 5D.

This versatile and intuitive platform allows users like me to create detailed 3D floor plans and interior designs. I found it to be highly user-friendly and a handy tool for both professionals and amateurs alike.

It really is one of the best design tools on the market, and the pricing makes it even more appealing. Read my Planner 5D review below.

What is Planner 5D?

Planner 5D is a digital home design tool originally created for amateurs but with its offering of extensive and intuitive features, it’s quickly gaining the attention of professionals in the design industry too. Boasting the tag line of ‘home design made easy’, it does what it says on the tin by allowing you to create beautifully high-spec floor plans and renderings in just a few taps.

The three simple steps to creating the projects of your dreams starts with layout and design. At this stage you use the 2D mode to create floor plans and design layouts you can then add furniture and other home accessories to. In this mode, you can switch your floor plan between 2D and 3D to explore and edit your project from every angle.

Once you’re happy with the initial design, it’s time to furnish and edit. In this second step, you can edit patterns, textures, and materials to create a completely unique feel for the room. The final step is for you to visualise and share your designs.

The Renders feature captures your finished design in a sleek photorealistic finish for you to share with clients, or if you’re designing for your own home, you’ll have your finished project plan to start cracking on with.

Another feature that makes Planner 5D a powerhouse in the design tool world is you can create anytime, anywhere. Of all the features, this is one of the key perks. Thanks to iOS and Android apps that are included with the tool, you can take your designs with you on the go and keep working on your projects on tablets, mobile devices, or on any other platform with full synchronisation between them

In theory it sounds amazing, but does Planner 5D live up to its hype in real life against other tools? I’ve created this Planner 5D review from my own personal experiences of using the interface to give you an insight into how you can use this great tool to create your dream home- or your client’s dream homes.

From its great features, the ability to create a top-notch floor plan, and a fantastic mobile version, it’s got all the markers that could see it become one of the best home design software options, read my full Planner 5D review below to see how it holds up in practice.

Ease of Use

My experience with the Planner 5D user interface was quite enjoyable. Its simplicity and interactivity gave me a sense of control that I found empowering.

The moment I launched the application, I could dive straight into the design process. As an individual who enjoys DIY projects, I found the interface easy to navigate, which made the drawing of plans swift and precise. I found it particularly convenient that I could access my designs from any device, making it a perfect tool for on-the-go designing.

When I started a new project, I had the option to work from a blank slate or a template. I found an additional feature, ‘Capture Your Room,’ particularly exciting. This feature allowed me to use my phone’s camera to create a virtual representation of my existing space, which provided a practical starting point for my project.

Functionality and Versatility

Adding elements to my design, such as walls, doors, and windows, were intuitive and straightforward.

The software includes automatic alignment tools, which made it easy to place these elements accurately. Once I had my basic layout, I could customise my design with a wide range of items from the Planner 5D catalogue.

The number of categories was impressively broad, allowing me to venture beyond the basics of a living room or kitchen and into areas like patios, swimming pools, and even outdoor landscaping features like trees and bushes.

When it came to customising the aesthetics of my design, Planner 5D offered a wealth of options. I was able to apply different materials and colours to my walls, floors, and ceilings, allowing me to experiment with various styles and themes.

However, I noticed that I needed to switch to a 2D view to make certain changes, such as adjusting the placement of furniture or modifying the dimensions of walls.

Software Performance

While my overall experience with Planner 5D was smooth, I encountered occasional glitches and some instances of resource hogging, particularly with the web version of the tool.

These issues caused the software to slow down or crash at times, which I found frustrating when in the middle of a design project.

However, I understand that these issues might not be universal and could be influenced by factors such as my device or internet connection.

Pricing and Accessibility

A significant advantage of Planner 5D is its multiplatform accessibility. It is available as a web service and as a native app for iOS, Android, Windows, and MacOS, which I found very convenient as it made the tool accessible to me regardless of the device I was using.

The tool also offers a free version, which, while it has limitations such as a restricted catalogue and no access to high-quality digital renders, was sufficient to give me a feel for how the system works.

For users like me who seek a more extensive range of features, Planner 5D offers a premium membership. By upgrading to premium, I was able to access the complete item catalogue and save my project images in a higher resolution.

I found the pricing for the premium version to be competitive considering the software’s overall capabilities, and Planner 5D frequently offers promotions and discounts, making the premium version more accessible for users with different budgets.

Limitations and Room for Improvement

While Planner 5D is generally easy to use, there were areas where I felt it could improve. One notable limitation I found was that the free version of the software keeps a large portion of the item catalogue locked behind a paywall.

While this is standard for many freemium services, it was a bit of a deterrent for me as I was still exploring the software and not yet ready to commit to a premium subscription.

Another issue I encountered was the requirement to set up an account before I could make any significant progress with my design. This interrupted the flow of the design process, which I found a bit off-putting.

Lastly, while the software’s performance was generally smooth, the occasional glitches and slowdowns could be disruptive, particularly for users like me who were working on complex designs or using older devices.

Planner 5D Review Summary

My experience with Planner 5D was hugely positive. Its user-friendly interface, extensive catalogue, and multiplatform accessibility cater to a broad range of users, from professionals to DIY enthusiasts.

The software’s pricing structure is reasonable, with the premium version offering an impressive array of additional features and functionality. Despite occasional performance issues and some aspects of the user experience that could be improved, I found that Planner 5D’s strengths greatly outweighed its weaknesses.

In conclusion, Planner 5D is a capable and versatile tool that can help bring your design ideas to life.

Whether you’re planning a complete home redesign or just want to experiment with different interior styles, Planner 5D offers the tools and flexibility you need to realise your vision.

Planner 5D FAQs

Is Planner 5D really free?

There is a free basic option of the tool, however, to gain full access to all of Planner 5D’s you will need to sign up to their premium membership. This is still a cost-effective option when compared with the high cost of many other apps and software in the industry.

The free version gives you a limited number of features as it restricts your access to the full design catalogue and you can’t take advantage of the Renders features, however, this basic access gives you a good feel for the software and will help you quickly decide if the premium membership will be worth it for you.

Is Planner 5D premium worth it?

I believe the Planner 5D premium is worth it, yes. It offers an extensive list of features to help you design floor plans and 3D renderings of rooms for clients and personal projects alike. It’s a professional feeling tool without the high price tag that many in a similar league come with and the interface is intuitive with little to no learning curve.

How does Planner 5D compare with other alternatives?

Whilst the big names in the design software market like SketchUp and Cedreo deservedly demand respect, these-high tech offerings do come with an equally high price tag. Planner 5D may seem like a simpler version of the big names, but it still packs a commendable technological punch that lets sit comfortably amongst the other alternatives.

It has all of the key features offered by many of its competitors and its versatility with its accessibility across different platforms even gives it the edge in some areas. In my full review, you can see that it scores highly across the board and that any weaknesses that I came across were far outshone by the positives.

Any interior design software out there will have its pros and cons, it’s about finding the right one for you and your business, and Planner 5D’s free option is a great trial to see if you would enjoy the premium version before signing up. But I think it’s an excellent piece of software for smaller design businesses and even bigger firms will fall in love with it too.

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