How To Name Your Interior Design Business (12 ideas included)

The name of your interior design business is extremely important, you need it even before you create a business plan.

You can spend hours, days and weeks or even months trying to get it right before launching your business.

Firstly, stop letting choosing the name stop you launching your interior design company. Set yourself a deadline and go with it.

Secondly, I created this article to give you some clear guidance on what to do and what not to do when it comes to choosing the name for your interior design company.

4 Top Interior Design Business Naming Tips

I have compiled these top tips when choosing your interior design company name to make sure you don’t make any mistakes.

1. Keep it Simple & Memorable

Don’t make up words or try and be too clever with your business name – once you tell someone your business name once, they should be able to repeat it back to you the next time they see you. It needs to be easy to remember and easy to write down if someone hears your interior design company name – will they be able to Google it?

2. Be Clear What You Do

When you tell someone your business name, if they can instantly guess what you do and get it right then you have selected a good name. This is why most interior designers have ‘Interior Design’ or ‘Interiors’ in their name – as it makes it nice and clear what they are about.

3. Make Sure It’s Available

There is no point in choosing a business name only to find out it’s already taken. So go to Google and search for the name you want. The first thing to do is to see if there is another interior design company with that name – if there is then whatever you do, move on. Just think of all of the potentially lost clients of people searching for your business and ending up going to a different interior designer with the same business name.

Next up, make sure the domain itself is available (preferably the .com) for your given business name. You can check this easily using TSO Host. Also, as soon as you have chosen your business name, buy the domain. The last thing you want is for someone to buy it and leave you having to go back to the drawing board.

4. Test It Out

Go talk to friends and family and tell them your interior design company name – what reaction do you get? Also be aware of different accents – depending on where you are targeting your clients, accents can alter how different people think your business name is spelled.

Ask them their thoughts on the name before knowing what you want to do, ask them if it makes sense once they do. If they have any concerns, listen to them and discuss potential variations on your favourite choice of name.

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Interior Design Business Name Ideas

Now you know the best practice for choosing your interior design business name – let’s have a look at some example ideas that you could use when naming your interior design business.

1. [your name] Interior Design

You will probably have seen this all over the interior design space already, it’s a common naming method for the industry and honestly, it works. Keeps it really simple, keeps it obvious what you do, easy to spell (if your name is) – it ticks a lot of boxes that I have previously mentioned in this article.

The only caveat to this choosing this method when naming your interior design company is that sometimes it can be hard to grow as everyone expects to work with you so you can’t hire other designers as easily – that being said, there are brands out there that have managed it.

Another option similar to this would be to use your initials instead of your actual name.

Examples of this type of interior design business name:

  • Sophie Smith Interior Design
  • JAC Interior Design
  • James Frank Interiors
  • JB Designs

2. [keyword] Interior Design

If you don’t want to use your own name, or you think it might be too difficult for people to spell. You could opt to use a different prefix but still using ‘Interior Design’ (or ‘Designs’ / ‘Interiors’) within the name.

You may find the first few ideas that you come up with have already gone – as the main keywords around the industry that people think of will have already gone.

However, rest assured there are still plenty of potential names out there for an interior design company. Again, consider using the initials of the full name in the domain or logo as well to increase your chances of choosing a unique name.

Examples of this type of interior design business name:

  • Decor Blueprint Interior Design
  • DB Designs
  • Moving Mountains Design
  • Metropolitan Interiors

3. Fully Branded

If you really don’t want to have ‘interior design’ in the name of your business – you have the option of making it fully branded with its own unique name.

You need to be careful with these names to make sure they are definitely unique and there’s no existing brand which will always be above you in Google if people are searching for the name.

Ideally, you will keep it linked to the home in some way, to keep it relevant to your interior design business.

Examples of this type of interior design business name:

  • Maisons Luxe
  • Imagine Walls
  • Simplify
  • Style My Space

The name of your interior design business should not be the thing that stops you when it comes to starting your business. Have a brainstorm, do your research, decide on the winner and get your business off the ground.

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