Want to save hours of admin work and spend more time designing?

They’ve made a kick-ass tool for designers, and only designers.

What To Expect

Indema is a game-changer when it comes to running your interior design business.

From handling your project management, finances to your product sourcing and human resources (because you’ll be hiring in no time once you start using Indema).

It’s a platform created by designers for designers with the sole goal of making it easier to run and grow your design business and let you spend more time on what you do best, designing. And not on those admin tasks that suck time away from the good stuff.

Where Indema Came From

Working in these multitude of platforms caused a lot of stress for Indema Founder, Timothy. Constantly changing passwords, keeping passwords safe. Logging into 1 platform to do one thing, than logging into another to accomplish another task. It was simply endless back and forth.

He wanted to bring a one-tool solution to designers all over the world. One that designers can rely on, and not have to worry about what he had to go through. Timothy wanted the ability for designers alike to make informed decisions without overwhelming them with boring technicalities with a platform. A simple solution.

Yet, on the other hand, he wanted to provide powerful yet affordable set of tools without compromising on efficiency or designer workload.

And so Indema was born.

A little look inside...

Manage Clients
Manage your client’s contact info, project info and give them access to follow along on your projects.

Manage Employees
Attendance, Clock-in and out (radius and IP tracking), Generate paystubs, Holiday, leave of absence management and performance.

Projects in one place
Manage everything about your projects in one screen. Invoices, members, products, files, tasks, discussions, gantt chart, milestones, expenses, payments, and burndown chart.

Task Board (Kanban)
Drag and drop your tasks in a board view using our Kanban task charts.

Invoice your clients, and have them pay directly through indema. We integrate with Stripe, Paypal, Paystack or Razorpay. All at no additional fee.

Source your products using our browser clipper! Use any browser, and never have to download another web clipper again!

Manage your schedule, and add employees or clients to your schedule.

Email and chat support from our team for any of your questions or concerns!

Manage Leads
Manage the lead cycle for your perspective clients. Add a small website form to automatically import your leads from your website.

Client Contracts
Create client contracts, and send to your client for signature. Your client’s can also start a discussion about your contract in the same screen.

Project Discussions
Keep all of your conversations organized with your team and clients with our forum-style project discussions.

Time Logs + Management
Automatically track your time for your projects and tasks. Manually add your time and invoice your clients from timelogs.

Purchase Orders
Generate and download your vendor purchase orders for fulfilment.

Internal File Manager
Manage your internal company files with our file manager. Get rid of your Google Drive!

Generate various reports! Finance, Task, Time log, Income vs expense, attendance, leave and project status.

Indema is transparent with the fixes we make, updates and roadmap so you are always in the know on what we have planned and what we adjust!

Manage Vendors
Keep a list of all your vendors you work with and their contact information.

Project Templates
Quickly create projects and pre-add your summary, tasks and employees.

Manage Tasks
Manage all your tasks. Set the status to keep track of performance, add sub tasks, add files to a task, and even comment on tasks to keep track of conversations.

Indema’s estimates system allows your clients to approve or reject each line item. They also have to physically sign the estimates when they approve them!

Payments, expenses + Credit notes
Manually add payments, track your expenses and add credit notes to your invoices.

Message your clients and employees internally with our messaging system.

Schedule and launch your zoom meetings directly from within Indema!

International Platform
Since we are able to add any currency, and our system automatically adjust the exchange rate everyday, you can be a designer anywhere in the world and use Indema!

What others have to say about the Indema

“5-stars… Hands down the best platform. The team focuses on tools we need as designers and it’s way better than DM.”
Stacey Rickson, Interiors Galore Staging

“It’s totally customizable with the settings and even adding our firm’s logo. Easy to use and more importantly the support is outstanding.”
Alex Regelman, Studio Tumo

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