How to Build an Audience on Facebook for Interior Designers

Facebook has a large number of users and this is a great place to find potential clients. The number of Facebook users is estimated to reach 2.9 billion in 2023. As an interior designer, you may need to get the word out that you can provide exceptional services to potential clients.

Facebook offers you an opportunity to tap into this online audience. On the platform, you can share content and reach a wider market.

Building an audience on Facebook for interior designers is essential for the growth of your business because most people spend their time online and that is one of the best places to target them.

How to build a Facebook Audience for Interior Designers

Building a Facebook audience for interior designers takes a similar path to that of other businesses. It is not rocket science but requires you to master the basics so as to work the magic and watch your audience grow.

The main aim is to attract an audience and keep them engaged and more importantly, informed on the services available and how and where to hire you as an interior designer.

The following are some of the tasks that you can do so as to achieve this goal:

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Make your Facebook page presentable

This is the basic step in which you can start off. Do an audit of your Facebook page and update or edit the sections as necessary. Your Facebook page ought to be presentable and capable of keeping the audience engaged. The profile photo and cover photo ought to be well-selected. Have a good description in the ‘About’ section and take quality videos and images which are to be uploaded to the gallery.

You can mention that you provide interior design services and include the call to action- liking the page or subscribing to your newsletter.

Understand your audience

To build your Facebook audience, you will need to understand your audience. They may have similar interests and therefore, this will help you to categorize them and also know the best way to approach and target them.

This will give you an understanding of their browsing behaviors, the platforms in which they are in and what type of content attracts their attention. The information you get when you study your audience also helps when it comes to setting up targeted ads.

Use Facebook ads

Adverts are an effective method of targeting your audience. Facebook offers businesses with ads that can be tailored to reach your audience, within your budget. You can even select your campaign objective.

It may be to increase awareness, conversion, or consideration. Some factors that you may select as considerations of the success of the campaign include page likes, traffic, messages, video views, lead generation, video views and post engagement.

It is important for you to get the timing right so as to achieve a maximum possible reach over the period in which the campaign shall run. You can then schedule posts and have them published at the time they will have an optimum reach.

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Build and refine your Facebook marketing strategy

The online audience is bombarded with a lot of information and thus, you need to be precise so as to reach them.

In addition to that, you may need them to take action so your communication needs to be effective. Set the goals for your campaign and to test checks to confirm if it is proceeding as expected after the campaign goes live. If you had a set goal of likes or followers to get, check if you are on track to reaching the numbers.

Get your content right

It is important that you publish posts that are capable of attracting an audience. The information should be engaging, educational and clear. Design your content in such a way that it has a good flow and ensure that it does not sound too promotional. Your content can be words, videos, or an infographic.

The online audience has many posts to check but little reading time. This means that you need to create content that can attract them and keep them engaged. Using sponsored posts and relevant hashtags also help you to reach a wider audience.

 Get social and vocal

Facebook is a social network and you need to engage on other platforms so as to be seen by the online audience. With a vast number of Facebook users, it is not a pool but a big ocean with many conversations being held in various pages and groups.

Pulling an audience will also require you to go out and dive deep into the ocean. Get social and network with other people who are in the interior design industry. Like their pages and comment on their posts. By sharing your views, you will be seen by the other users interacting on the platforms.

You can also offer to feature other people in the interior design business on your page. Partnering with other page-owners and brands will give you more visibility. You can tag them in your posts and they can do the same for you. Such collaborations shall benefit both of you and give you the opportunity to reach a wider audience.

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Go live

Facebook live has gained popularity and this is a method that personalities and brands use to connect with their audiences. You can have live Q&A sessions on interior design so as to increase the engagement and traffic to your Facebook page and site. You can also do demos of your work via Facebook Live.

As soon as you master the best time to go live, you will be able to build an audience and keep them on the lookout for more live sessions from you.

Use the in-depth knowledge to build your interior design business

With this knowledge at hand, you can work on your Facebook marketing strategy and achieve the best results. Now that you have figured out how to go about building a Facebook audience for interior designers, pull the audience to your Facebook page and site.

May they welcome you into their space, allowing you to transform it with your amazing interior designing skills.

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