Curved Sofas & Couches: Everything You Need To Know

Curved sofas have become increasingly popular in the last few years, and it is easy to see why. These couches have soft, sleek lines and offer plenty of comfort – it is just what is needed in any room. Considered a modern design concept, these curved couches were widely used many years ago and are currently finding their way back into homes.

Your interior designer may be hesitant to incorporate a curved sofa into a simple design, as there are fears around losing floorspace or how to style one long sofa with a curve. But, these curvy courches can make an open space feel intimate, and act as a piece of decor with a function.

If you need more inspiration for including a curved sofa in your home, read on to find out more about these rounded seating solutions.

The Increased Popularity of the Curved Sofa Trend

The current uptake of curved sofas into many homes is possibly because of the increase in people working from home and spending more time at home. People are looking for comfortable interiors that will allow for a bit more space to move around.

Curved shapes are soft and have a less harsh appearance, which creates a warm and cosy feeling. These types of sofas come in many shapes, sizes and fabric upholstery, which means they can be used in any size room with any decor style.

Curved coaches allow people to create new seating arrangements, and even large curved sofas consisting of two pieces will take up less space than a single straight couch.

How to Style a Curved Sofa

Perhaps you will find it challenging to style your curved sofa because of the unconventional shape. We have collected some tips to help you style your sofa and get the best out of its beautiful design.

Here are some basic things to consider when starting to style your couch.

  • Your curved sofa is a statement piece in your home and should not be treated as just another piece of furniture.
  • Curved sofas do best when they are positioned away from walls, which will expose the curved back.
  • If you only have one curved sofa, compliment it with other seating options like accent chairs which vary slightly in design from the sofa.
  • If you have two sofas, place them in the centre of the room to create a cosy space.
  • Curves compliment curves – so pair your sofa with a rounded coffee table and side tables.
  • Combine classic designs with contemporary elements. A curved sofa covered in neutral fabrics will look amazing with bright, textured cushions, like velvet or floral patterns. Curved sofas look excellent in traditional settings, as they perfectly incorporate a modern twist.
  • The curved sofa does not have to be the only statement piece in your room. You can combine it with another stand-out piece of furniture, like a heavy rug or a bold coffee table, to create a focal point in the room.
  • Choose a couch that will complete the room. Whether you are placing your curved sofa in the living room or bedroom, select a couch that matches the colours of the room and will give it a complete, warm look.
  • Don’t be afraid to play with accessories. Your sofa will look great with beautiful scatter cushions, small side tables, a floor rug or a throw over the back.

Curved Sofa Styles

Here are some different curved sofa styles that you can consider for your home.


The S-shaped curves were made popular by Vladimir Kagan in the 1950s. Since then, this design has been taken up by various other interior designers. These couches are the signature curved sofa design, with two elegant curves.

This type of couch will look best in a larger space where the couch can be the focal point of the room. It will not look great if it is tucked away in a corner or placed against a wall.


High-backed curved couches are bold and daring. They build on the S-curve design by incorporating a straight back. This style combines soft lines with sharper features. The high back of these sofas gives them a more traditional feel while still holding on to the elegance of a curved couch.


Minimalist curved sofas originated in the 1970s thanks to the designer Pierre Paulin. He took inspiration from Scandanavian and Japanese interior design, to create these simplistic couches.

A minimalist sofa is an excellent purchase because it is easy to decorate and will complement the architecture in any home.


Sectional couches have always been popular in larger homes, and curved sectionals are an even more comfy take on this well-loved couch design. These couches consist of two or more sections with a curved design as opposed to the traditional L-shape design.

Futuristic or modern

Futuristic curved sofas are pushing the rules of design. From winding couches to those that combine different fabrics, you can find a range of futuristic curved sofa designs to incorporate into any space.

A new generation of young designers and brands have taken it upon themselves to reimagine the classic curved sofa design, using unconventional materials like wicker, prints, new shapes and bold colours to create the ultimate couch for a relaxed environment.

This type of couch demands attention and makes for an excellent focal point in a large living room.


Semi-circle sofas were incredibly popular during the 1960s, thanks to Adrian Pearsall, the designer behind these quaint couches. These couches require plenty of space but also offer plenty of seating.

How to Measure Your Room for a Curved Sofa

With these odd shapes, it can be tough to figure out how to measure your room to see if a curved sofa will fit. Here are some measuring tips:

  • The website or store should provide the measurements. Always work according to these measurements.
  • A curved sofa may look small because of the twists and turns, but usually, it is still as big as a conventional sofa (and sometimes even wider because of the curves).
  • Mark out the provided measurements on your floor using tape or chalk to make sure the sofa will fit.

Final Thoughts

Curved sofas have been around since the 1950s, and it seems they are here to stay. They act as a functional decoration in your home and will help make any room extra stylish and elegant.

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