How To Get The Boho Mid-Century Modern Look

Guide / Written by Freddie Chatt

There is something so powerful in mixing two design styles, and you will end up with a beautiful and unique living space. The boho mid-century modern look is simple, comfortable, yet striking and relaxed.

Knowing just how to get this look is the first step. You need to utilize your space and throw in the perfect hints of each style. Here is all you need to know, plus some inspiration if you need it!

What is the Boho Mid-Century Modern Look?

The boho mid-century modern look is relaxed and is all about comfort. It started in the late 1900s and is the perfect mix of two unique styles.

It is best to go for elements and decor pieces that complement each other, and the key is to choose classic mid-century style pieces and use accent items and textiles to soften the room up. This style is all about mixing hard and soft.

The look is comfortable and relaxed with a mid-century design style edge and eclectic touches. It mixes antiques, weathered woods, and artisanal accents to create a sophisticated and balanced look.

Boho Style and Mid-Century Style

The boho look is a combination of unique and eclectic elements and is more maximalist than minimalist. The interior and decor are centered around pieces that are unique, antique, and worldly.

Boho also focuses on natural elements, like bright tones, wooden furniture, light, and plants. The boho look is vibrant. While the mid-century aesthetic is clean and simple, it focuses on form and function and loves minimal but necessary features.

The mid-century feel is bright and clean.

How to get the Boho Mid-Century Modern Look

The best way to get the look is to choose rustic or modern mid-century furniture and then get creative with the bohemian decor accents. Think art, abstract shapes, and bold colors. And keep the rest of the room clean and simple.

Use color

Use pops of bright and striking colors; this draws attention and is eye-catching. Do not use loads of different shades. For example, you could mix yellow, blue, and black and throw the colors in with rugs, pillows, or vases.

Oranges and greens are also true to this style, and it is best to mix mid-century colors with boho neutrals. Think of a beautiful wooden centerpiece tray with a striking blue flower vase.

Stick to a similar palette to avoid making the room look messy.

Clean lines

Mid-century design loves sleek silhouettes, while boho is more carefree and relaxed. You can do this with a simple but stunning coffee table and an elegant armchair, with a ruffled throw over it to bring the boho back in. You can also add some books or trinkets to the table to relax it.

Go for eclectic decor

This is where you have a lot of creative freedom, cross the boundaries and just do what you feel looks good. You can go for a variety of objects of different colors or from different time periods.

Give your space personality. Think funky mirrors, boho wall hangers with tassels, or vintage photographs. Mix a whole load of decor to create something brand new. You could focus this all on one wall to make it a focal point and make it stand out.

Patterned textiles are a must!

Patterned textiles make the look feel lively and dynamic and tie the entire room together. Textiles are essential to mid-century boho; go for a mid-century style couch and other furnishings and add in a shaggy rug, curtains, chunky blankets, and handwoven pillows.

Textiles create more visual weight, especially if you do not have a lot of furniture in the room. Textiles can be statement pieces; they don’t only need to be accents.

Plants Plants Plants!

There is nothing better than houseplants; they add comfort, look gorgeous, and add more oxygen to your home, of course. But mainly, they are stunning. I mean, have you seen those lush green colors!?!

Plants are very bohemian, and you can pair a mid-century table with a palm or big banana leaf plant to get the perfect look.

Have fun and be playful

Use some funky decorative pieces, this could be a woven planter basket or a one-of-a-kind macrame wall hanging, and some burnt orange and yellow throw pillows paired with a white duvet cover and simple bed frame.

Opt for colors that are vibrant and happy; they should lighten the room up.

Boho Mid-Century Modern Style by Room

Interior design requires some planning, especially if you want to get the mid-century boho look. It also needs to stay consistent throughout your entire home. Each room can be focused on different elements.

Some rooms may be more boho, while others may be more mid-century. It is all up to you.

Living Room

The mid-century modern boho look is all about comfort; you could get a simple but sleek white sofa and a mid-century style coffee table, and then add in a textured rug, accents, art, and bright pillows and throw blankets.

You should also throw in some natural wood elements for the real boho feel. Use a color palette with warm and cool tones; this could be light pinks with navy or greys and reds. Make your foundations neutral colors and make the boho-inspired touches colorful.


A gorgeous oak wood bedframe paired with plush white sheets and some colorful throw blankets are always very boho. Mix soft elements with very bold colors and plants! Starting with the textures, organic textures are great for the bedroom as they are warm and cozy.

Get matching tables, bookshelves, and dressers to add symmetry, and then use these pieces to showcase some stunning trinkets or ceramics for that lovely boho touch.

Entrance Hall

Your entrance hall should be spacious and bright, you can add a warm walnut drawer shelf, some bamboo or woven planters, and a striking mirror to a room with white walls to bring in some furnishings.

Then add a textured rug and a lush green monsteria for that pop of color. The room should feel light and open. When designing your entry hall, bring in some texture, get anchor pieces that are warm, and ensure that there is loads of light.

Dining room

Boho and mid-century modern love mixing old and new. Think about getting some mid-century chairs with a vintage-style dining table. Throw in some boho with a patterned rug and some neutral-colored accents.

The dining room should have a boho anchor piece and then mix sleek, old, and new when it comes to the furniture. Get creative with the lighting. Use different heights and vertical lines.

It is best to stay consistent and maintain the look throughout your entire home. This way, it looks clean, sophisticated, and well put together. Just remember that you can be very creative and express yourself a lot when going for this look.

There is a lot of room for creativity as there are not too many rules when it comes to boho. Just think color, natural elements, and textures with a hint of old and new, and the sleek and clean lines of mid-century.

Getting the look is easy; it just takes some time and planning. But soon enough, you’ll be itching to give all of your friends a home tour of your new and beautifully furnished house. Have fun with it and be playful. It’s the best way to get the look you want!

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